South Africa: Madcap Malema goes to Zimbabwe

Written on:October 22, 2012
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Julius Malema

Julius Malema

Ralph Geeplay

Julius Malema, the madcap South African politician who is always in the news was in Zimbabwe this week, preaching the pro poor rhetoric and racial politics that saw him ostracized from the ruling African National Congress this year. Malema was in Harare to attend the wedding of the Zanu-PF Youth League president. In Malema’s delegation was the ANC Secretary General Sindiso Magaqa who was also suspended recently. Malema has been mad with the ANC for quite a while since his expulsion, with the current nationwide strikes in the country providing an opportunity as unhappy South Africans see their living standards decline since the ANC come to power. Reports say, he is exploiting the situation to his advantage.

Malema was expelled from the African National Congress this year after a long spell of bad mouthing President Jacob Zuma and the ANC. By ousting the former African National Congress Youth League President, the ANC took a tough action that took months to come given Malema’s so-called proletariat statues within the party. Julius Malema wants South African mines nationalized; he also wants land taken away forcibly from white South Africans; he accused whites of murdering blacks when they acquired the assets.

Malema somewhat, has been described as the kingmaker within the party, given that he helped bring president Zuma to power in a political battled that saw former President Tambo Mbeki exiting the stage. By also getting rid of Malema, president Zuma is said to have engineer the exit of his chief political rival, as the party meets soon to elect the eventual candidate which it hope to put forward for the next election, but analyst say, Malema was not willing to go quietly.

He has found discontent within the country’s labor force, which began when platinum behemoth Lonmin’s Marikana saw strikes with workers calling for pay increase. It was a scene that also witnessed violence in August; post-apartheid, it is the worst government crackdown on demonstrators. In all 46 were killed, strikers and the police. The incident is now being investigated by a government-appointed commission of inquiry.

Concerned that Malema was using the strikers’ discontent to ferment trouble in a South Africa where economic activity was already slowing and where the protests are costing the ANC-led government hundreds of millions, he was arrested while on a speaking engagement with the strikers. He was subsequently charged with tax evasion, and money laundering. The charges says the former ANCYL president and his business partners put forward an intricate sham of businesses to gain an infrastructure contract in Limpopo, worth about $6.3million. Malema has denied the charges.

But a political science professor at the University of Liberia says it is “unlikely if Malema would have been charged with corruption charges if he was still heading the ANCYL.

Because, the political black elite in South Africa having groomed power, some say are leaving the people behind, especially when it comes to service delivery, and that few black elite under the so-called Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) ‘affirmative action’ program initiated by President Mbeki are getting richer; Malema was one of them.” Because of these perceived reactions the Democratic Alliance which is presenting another alternative for leadership has been growing in strength with Helen Zille as its head.

In Zimbabwe Malema praised President Robert Mugabe and compared him to Nelson Mandela. “President Mandela [and Mugabe] ushered in political freedom . . .” the firebrand politician said, “and they are relying on the young ones to continue with the struggle, therefore, we are not going to disappoint them,” he added. Reports say there are about 40 political prisoners in Zimbabwean jails, and that President Mugabe and his Zanu-PF has used political violence to silent dissent.

Before going to Zimbabwe Malema also called for the land and the mines to be taken from white South Africans compulsorily, whom he says stole the resources from the black majority, when they came from Europe; he said they met the land there. Like Mugabe Malema is also blaming the imperialists. “Our life has been made problematic by the imperialistic forces and therefore we are always in serious conflict with them because they have created conflict,”

While Malema was praising the progress that Zimbabwe has made under President Mugabe, another African was telling a different story. Mo Ibrahim said Zimbabwe marred in political quirk mire was underperforming, when it ought to be an African powerhouse, This year annual recently released Ibrahim index on Africa puts Zimbabwe at 47th out of 52 African countries, with a score of 34 out of 100. That made Zimbabwe the worst-performing country in South Africa where most countries are doing fairly well.

Ibrahim also said, post independent “African leaders came from freedom-fighting, liberation movements” and then added, “A good fighter is not necessarily a good governor. It takes different skills to run a country.”

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  1. Dvon Donovan Hym says:

    What struggle? Everyone thats supporting Malema on the ‘struggle’ issue, i wanna know, what struggle. Kicking out white people from this country will not make it a better country but an angry country that doesnt know why its angry. I’m not a party supporter mara i think DA has a statement. Apartheid got destroyed a looong time ago. Cumon guys, open ur eyes..!

  2. Therealzimbabwean Ndizvo says:

    At last. These South African brothers are beginning to realise what everyone else has seen a long time ago. These white pigs must get out. We understand, get some pay back and a leg up for all those years of opression and nonsense there then kick them out, but this is getting embarrassing for you. Back to Netherlands please. Its been 300 years for Gods sake.Better to start from scratch on your own than deal with these animals. Our growth rate is up again – and we can say we did it not only without these animals, but despite their whining to their brothers overseas about us taking our land back. Boohoo.

  3. Lila says:

    @ Henk Louw; There is no need to call Malema a pig…make an intelligent argument without throwing an insult, and I do agree with you though, that the country belongs to all its people, hence the legacy of Mandela, and why Mandela whom the whole of Africa claimed as it hero can not be compared to Robert Mugabe

  4. henk louw says:

    Malema is a pig,that will die like everyone else,and stand acount for being responsible for the deaths of innocent people.if no whites belong in africa no blacks belong inany other continent and we dont fear malema weve dealt with thousands of his kind your day will come bring it on you black racist pig

  5. Malema supporter says:

    Go for it Malema take back land,Mines that belongs to Blacks, Viva Malema Viva

  6. augustine says:

    i do undrstnd wt malema said abt our president nd our lovely organisation wt i dnt is y he went lyk dat 2 president,malema o ngwana pa ithute hlompho bua le papa hao hantle,finish nd klaar

  7. Lila says:

    Hey Phakamani: if the standard of living under the ANC led administration has not decrease, why are the demonstrations that began at Lomin then were all about…? Workers wanted better housing and and compensation right…? well that has all to to about living conditions my friend. Everyone also knows that the western cape that is governed by the political opposition has better service delivery than ANC led provinces…

  8. DB says:

    Malema, needs a derious smack in the head. He wants to be pres, I hope he never gets there, I too am a south african. Since this BEE thing came into play, I have seen many companies and businesses fail or collapse totaly. Simply due to the mismanagement and inability of the individuals put into positions they were clearly not capable of handling. As the. Article said, it take a serious skills set to run a country, and honestly, neither malema nor zuma for that matter have what it takes.

  9. Bongo says:

    People must stop talking and take action we need better living conditions. They must use the money they stole to creat imployments wether white or black

  10. phakamani says:

    Thanks for this open discusion viewn, what this puppet(Editor) mean when he said ‘the standard lives of south african declines since ANC got in topower?’.I am south frican, Ourlives are better ideological under ANC

  11. sammy says:

    Malema u are de best,keya le wena

  12. Mariano Castrillon says:

    Malema and Mugabe :Pigs of a feather oink together.