Ebola-Induced Ban on Soccer Matches Lifted in Liberia

Written on:January 12, 2015
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Monrovia,LiberiaLone star of Liberia

A seven-month ban of all soccer matches imposed by the Liberian Football Association (LFA) has been lifted,according to YahooSports.

The lifting of the ban comes as a result of the receding threat of the Ebola Virus Disease(EVD) in the West African nation.This move by the Liberian government is one of several public health measures aimed at easing daily activities among Liberian citizens due to the receding threat of EVD.

Early in June last year,the Sirleaf administration banned all openly held public activities in the nation including local soccer matches with the hope of limiting the spread of the EVD amid public outcry that such measures by the Government  were meant to suppress free movement of citizens.

Transmission of the EVD actually became widespread in September last year,but with both concerted local and international efforts,the disease is slowly being eradicated in the country although more than 3,400 Liberians have died from the disease.

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