“Let him tell us about Allison” Edwin Snowe Accuses Alex Tyler

Written on:July 14, 2016
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Allision was found dead on a beach in Monrovia

Whistle Blower Cllr. Michael Allison who was found dead on a beach in Monrovia

Staff Report

In a heated argument between Representative Edwin Snowe, Montserrado County and Mariamu Fofana of Lofa County, at the capitol this week, Snowe accused and called on the speaker of the House Alex Tyler to tell the Liberian People what happen to whistle blower Michael Allison. Cllr. Allison died mysteriously in early 2015 and his body found at the beach on 4th Street in Monrovia. Relying only on pathologist report, the government of Liberia said he drowned. His death was also followed by another high profile death by drowning of the former LPRC Managing Director Harry Greaves.

“Take this from me, he will be removed” said Rep. Edwin Snowe, speaking of Alex Tyler, who he wants recuse himself because of the Global Witness Report that indicted the speaker, “Is it now he knows government can kill people, Let him tell us about [Michael] Allison,” according to a FrontPageAfricaonline, news report. The revelation coming from the former Speaker of the House of representative, according to observers against the current one, is an interesting development given the interests which has surrounded the death of Allison and Greaves, two whistle blowers who met their untimely deaths as they spoke on the National Oil Company of Liberia, NOCAL, which has since gone bankrupt with millions varnishing in thin air. NOCAL, was Liberia’s most profitable company. Speculation has always been rife that these deaths of the whistle blowers were politically motivated. About 100 Million has gone missing from Nocal. 31million and about 80million on two separate occations, according to reports could not be accounted for.

Cllr. Allison, according to reports, ” blew the whistle that led to the investigation by the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission, (LACC), and involving House Speaker Alex Tyler.  As NOCAL consultant, Cllr. Allison was expected to have received half of a US$25,000 consultancy fee from the nationwide legislative consultations regarding two draft oil bills, the NOCAL Act of 2013 and the Petroleum Act of 2013.  Over US$900,000 was allocated for the Legislature to conduct said consultations.”

Controversy surrounding the draft bills deepened when it was revealed that House Speaker Alex Tyler decided to pre-finance the project and made available a check in the amount of US$12,000, which piqued the interest of the LACC, who later launched an investigation into his actions. Cllr. Allison’s body was “discovered on the beach on Thursday February 12,” according to a release by the Liberia National Police.


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