Liberian-born executive chef, Thalmus’s culinary revolution

Written on:July 27, 2016
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By Moco MacCaulay

A culinary revolution is underway in America. The goal, it seems, is to cast an ambrosial spell over America to whet the palates of all and sundry with delectable gourmet African food. The epicurean general behind this revolution is Liberian-born executive chef, Thalmus Y. Hare. With scalding pots, razor-thin knives, gleaming cleavers, precision spatulas and doused ladles, Chef Thalmus has been cooking up his succulent ploy to charm his way into America’s palatable soul. And, if a Buzzfeed article selection of his Liberian Jollof rice as the number one West African food to try is anything to go by, then it may well be that America is falling under his ambrosial spell, after all. Continue Here

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