The Emancipation Movement of Liberia and 2017 Election

Written on:August 21, 2016
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Jarwinken Wiah, Executive Director, The Emancipation Movement of Liberia, Inc. (EMOL)

Executive Director, Jarwinken Wiah, The Emancipation Movement of Liberia, Inc. (EMOL)

Press Release

Bismarck, North Dakota—-The Emancipation Movement of Liberia, Inc. (EMOL) is launching a nationwide voting and civic education campaign for effective participation of Liberians in the 2017 general and presidential elections.  EMOL is a new empowerment and service oriented advocacy non-profit organization established by United States based Liberians and Liberians at home.

EMOL is a legally registered United States as a 501 (c) (3) or tax exempt organization and has also registered legally in Liberia to specifically undertake 12 empowerment pilot projects it has identified for Liberia.

In a release signed by its Executive Director, Jarwinken Wiah, former Chief Reporter of The Inquirer News Newspaper, the title for the voter education campaign is “MY VOTE IS POWER” (MYVIP). The MYVIP project is the first of EMIL’s 12 pilot projects for Liberia. The release said the MYVIP project will use skit presentations to allow the Liberian population to internalize the issues affecting livelihoods and prospect of the future in exercising power of their votes. These presentations will as well make candidates to take the voting power seriously as they will be facing sophisticated voting population.

The release said part of EMOL’s voting education campaign includes working with the Election Commission and candidates to organize and hold debates and town hall forums that will allow the electorates to learn more about the candidates and issues affecting their lives. These debates will as well allow the candidates to tell the Liberian people what is wrong with the country and how each of them intend to fix the problem and how will the Liberian people internalize the fixes or “pocket book issues”.

The MYVIP project is expected to be formally launched in January 2017 in Liberia.
Other founding members of EMOL include: Aaron J. Manneh, Alvin Jask Kanneh, David Targbe, Samuel M. Johnson, J. Moses Gray, D. Sonpon Weah, and Joseph Jah, the release said.

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