Liberia President wants him remove unlawfully and unconstitutionally.

Written on:August 24, 2016
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Liberian president wants Speaker removed

Liberian President confers with Deputy Speaker

The Supreme Court of Liberia this week published its position regarding the ongoing political stalement in the Liberian government. The Supreme Court’s decision has not come in the usual form but as an in-chambers opinion, which is a decision of a single justice of the 5-member Supreme Court bench. It is fair to assert that the decision of the Justice in Chambers is as much a stalemate in and of itself as the stalemate currently prevailing in the Liberian government.

Even as it feels frustrating that the Justice has chosen to stay off the politics of the Legislature, I want to acknowledge the decision of the Liberian Supreme Court as one that should be respected and honored by every well-meaning Liberian, simply because it is in its place, it is right, and it is within its constitutional rights, to choose to hear a case, ignore a case, table a case or remain ambivalent about a case. As an unintended consequence of this decision, however, the Speaker has now been left to the mercy of a group of lawless and bribe-taking lawmakers in collaboration with an endemically corrupt and violent President who now wants to remove him unlawfully and unconstitutionally.

The President now has a free hand to continue to violate the constitution, undermine our democratic institutions by supporting a lawless group of lawmakers, by strangulating the House of financial disbursements to pay lawmakers, while still dishing out bribe-money envelops to the lawless lawmakers. This way, the Speaker would sooner than later run out of funds to maintain his support among his fellow lawmakers, those lawmakers I prefer to describe as the pro-Constitution lawmakers. In this light, it would only take a while before truly honorable men are faced with the harsh reality and would have to submit and let the President prevail once more in her unending violations of the laws of the land. This still

Tyler fights removal

Liberian Speaker Alex Tyler

remains a drama to watch.

—-Benjamin Art

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