They want to play politics with the Liberian people

Written on:August 26, 2016
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Tyler fights removal


The Editor,

If the Speaker Alex Tyler is “Too Legit to Quit”, why is there a battle to recuse him of his speakership?  Oh wait, I forgot:  Speaker Alex Tyler is indicted by the Executive Branch. And his indictment has changed the House of Representative into a House of Disrepute.

Look. It would be nice to use a forklift to remove Tyer from the Speaker’s chair, but you can’t. Why?  Because the decision to remove or recuse the Speaker should NOT be determined by mob rule! (violence and intimidation), instead, it should be determine by of the rule of law.  And the law requires that the Speaker be removed or recused in accordance with the Constitution.
      The Constitution gives the House the authority to discipline its members and kick out any member, including the Speaker, for cause. (See Article 38 and 49) But these losers, oops, I mean, lawmakers in the House ( Anti-Tyler) have no intention of following the rules. They want to play politics with the Liberian people. Whether you like it or not, under the House Rules and the Constitution, there MUST be a straight up or down vote on the Speaker’s recusal.  And the vote must be transparent.
        After the outcome of the vote is announced, it must be respected and accepted by both sides (pro and anti Tyler lawmakers). That means no more disruptions, intimidations and threats.
        If these people call themselves lawmakers, they must follow the laws (House Rules and Constitution), that they put their hands on the Bible and swore to uphold. It is important to keep the pressure on the House and demand that they move forward on the resolution to recuse the Speaker with an up or down vote. That vote must happen in the next three days!
Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

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  1. If these laws maker doesn’t known our constitution of Liberia they must not fool the cities of this country because we’re very careful if they thing that is the right way to removed honorable Tyler than they are lying to their self.