How Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is Abusing the Liberian Presidency

Written on:September 1, 2016
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President Sirleaf tours deplorable UN Drive, Bushrod Island flanked by outgoing Minister Weeks (l) and Deputy Minister - Technical Affairs Langley (r) Photo Credit: James M.Garresen / Executive Mansion

This all started when EJS decided that the presidency wasn’t a job, but a testament of her greatness. Therefore, it wasn’t her obligation to ensure equality of opportunities for citizens through investments in public school education, job training, jobs, the agricultural sector, roads, etc.

This all started when she used NOCAL’s millions to bribe the Speaker and members of the Legislature to ‘hurriedly’ pass the Oil Law so her son would have access to moneys that led to a bankruptcy which she claimed responsibility for. This all started when poor Liberia from 2006 to 2013 paid about USD $ 308 million of Maritime Funds to PR firms and lobbyists in the US while pervasive poverty was killing some citizens. This all started when the Legislature failed to exercise oversight authority on LNP and the justice Ministry regarding the drowning deaths of both Counselor Allison and Mr. Harry Greaves, and the “suicide” of pregnant woman Zayzay in police custody. This all started when the Legislature allowed her to retire Maritime boss Beyan Kesselley, and Finance Minister Amara Konneh without audit in the midst of budget short falls.

And this all started because while the presidents of Rwanda, Ethiopia and Botswana were investing in people and infrastructures, Liberia was empowering favorite cabinet ministers, heads of state – owned corporations, and commissions to become millionaires and billionaires. Of course, while these reprehensible misbehaviors are being perpetuated in the country under her capable control, the suffering masses should be stupidly silent!

—–Sylvester Moses

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  1. This all started when she induced segment of legislators to remove the speaker of the lower house of representatives so that she can have the chance to sell the remaining three oil blocks