Personal Interests Have Now Consumed The Liberian Lone Stars

Written on:September 14, 2016
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The Liberian National Team is not a private entity, you know, but the National Team team of a sovereign state,

By Chris Weah

Given the poor handling of the Liberian national team, and the failure for its recent qualification for the continental fiesta [Afcons], even as it was close to doing so, leaves much to ponder and especially Musa Bility and his lackluster led Liberian Football Association [LFA].

It seems that personal interests has NOW consumed the Liberian FA and the Lone Stars. There is no competitive domestic league to talk about, so we are not going there—-reason why we want to talk about our dear Lone Stars, and the shameful defeat in Tunis, under the leadership of James Salinsa Debbah and Musa Bility. The Liberian National Team is not a private entity, you know, but the National Team team of a sovereign state, of which we are all stake holders—fans and citizens

However, the recent absences of Zah-Krangar and Francis Doe from the Togo-Liberia match, and the Liberian-Tunisia match, is of much concern to us, we the Liberian football fans. Why?

Because, prior to the game against Togo, Mr. Bility according sources called James Debbah and informed the coach that he had problems with Zah—the source of Bility’s beef with the player has never been totally explained, and Bility has been tight lipped on the issue. The acrimony between the two has been intense. However, Debbah hesitantly dressed Zah against Mr. Bility’s instructions, probably the right theng to do as a coach, according to a FA source. The source have said, when Bility was informed that Zah was dressed for the home game, Bility was furious further, instructing that Zah passport be left at the Hotel, this incident was blamed on Washington Blay, a former Liberian Defender. And this was the crucial home game that the Lone Stars squandered, as they were weak in the midfield, where Zah is the strongest. Krangar has been a constant featured with five different Lone Stars coaches, his unexplained exclusion by the Liberian FA doesn’t make sense. With his exclusion and James Debbah’s lacked of tactical abilities, Togo came from 2-0 down to equalize with less than 20 mins to go in Monrovia. The disappointment and the hopes that were dashed because of the in house fighting between Bility and Debbah cost Liberia dearly.

It is also alleged further that Debbah too did call Bility and said he had problems with Francis Granpa Doe and he would not include Doe in his line-up for Tunisia away game. It is no secret, that Doe has had discipline issues and most recently, since he was called under Debbah, and had to be expelled from camp at one point. But Doe is one of the veteran on the squad, his leadership needed, in such crucial times.

Debbah’s request to the FA scribe, the source said got no response. Debbah, however went ahead and excluded Doe and submitted his list of players to the LFA, for the crucial Tunisia encounter. Incensed that the gritty Francis Doe was left out, the Liberian Football News wrote on its Facebook page, that “Leaving Francis Doe out of the Lone Stars by coach Debbah is one of his biggest mistakes. You can’t play tough and challenging side like Tunisia without an aggressive striker Francis Doe.”

Bility was at pains to explained in a hastily arranged press conference, that Doe had been called, but that he wasn’t on the flight from Monrovia, but would joined the team in Morocco or Tunisia. We never got to see either the tricky midfield talisman, Zah Krangar or the bullish forward, Francis Doe. And we paid for it in Tunisia. When officials begin to play tricks and politics on what should be based on merits, this then presents itself as a troubling sign of things going down hill.

It has also been hinted, that Coach Debbah took $200 each from the local players and $800 from a professional player. When Bility questioned Debbah he denied the allegation outright, until this was verified by a local player [name withheld] that, he indeed gave Debbah $200 usd for inclusion.

All this brouhaha coming too late as the team was already on its way to Morocco for a friendly! Interesting story right— just wait, I coming: As stated earlier, the Bility quickly called a press conference amounted to nothing, Debbah was determined, and sadly Grandpa Doe was never featured.

Coach and FA boss going head-on. It seems Bility has lost control f the team and the Liberian FA. It can be recalled that right after the dismal performance against Togo in Monrovia at the Antoinette Stadium, with fans calling for Debbah’s dismissal, Debbah in-effect threw in the towel resigning, as he said he was traveling to the states, and not sure if he would return to coach the team because in his words “Liberians were ungrateful,” that he wasn’t the only qualify person to coach the team, which again amounted to a mere bluff. The FA however said it still stood with Debbah, even though he never retracted his statement. It was his second time publicly resigning, in less than a month. Experience Ghanaian Coach Kwesi Appiah, who reports said expressed interests in coaching the Stars, was rebuffed by Bility and his Liberian FA.

Bility LFA president was denied by FIFA as a candidate

LFA President Musa Bility

It was Francis Grandpa Doe, that lethal Liberian striker who scored the only goal against Tunisia at the Antoinette Stadium. An important win for the Stars and country right after Ebola, as Liberia earned it first Fifa international, it was a win to much fanfare, a deserving win with many still grieving—the win brought joy to Liberian football fans. It was this talented forward who was left out! And the midfield maestro Zah Krangar, who has always kept the center calm!

It’s anybody guess how and why Goal Keeper James Galley made the team when Melvin King is fit and playing well in Ghana and when Tommy Songo was also available to play. In two games Galley conceded 8 goals, 4 against a local Morocco team in a test match, which was a sure sign of warning—but that didn’t deterred the Liberian coach from fielding him, against the feisty Tunisians, in a crucial encounter! And Let’s quote Pres. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf—-“Aye Liberians!”

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