Young Liberian humanitarian wins service award

Written on:January 12, 2017
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Mr. Willie receives the 2016 Community Service Award from the Checago Bright Foundation, a US based charity organization, for his efforts.

Musa Willie was awarded the 2016 Community Service Award by the Checago Bright Foundation; a US based charity organization, for working tirelessly to provide educational support and materials to Liberian children.

 Willie was born in Liberia, where he grew up amidst enormous challenges which inspired him to serve humanity. Like many poverty stricken kids, He went through kindergarten with little copybooks in plastic bags and sat in classrooms that could barely provide covering from the rain or extreme sunshine. Denied the opportunity of having a normal childhood, Musa used creativity through arts in kindergarten and early education to socialize, as he and his peers were found of kicking grapefruits and oranges as soccer balls during lunch breaks. He grew up in a poverty during the civil war in Liberia, and his memories to this day can not let go of the hurt of seeing his oldest sister dropping out of school as he fought his way through school by selling ice-cold water and boiled chicken-eggs in the streets to pay his tuition.

This resilience helped him overcame these challenges and propelled him to work hard to improve the lives of others. It is this desire and his commitment to work, service and humanity that distinguished him as the recipient of the 2012 Tom Donovan Culture Caring Award from Devereux Foundation in the United States.

It was at the Devereux ceremony, Musa was inspired with the idea of establishing a nonprofit organization that would serve the educational needs of African kids who are experiencing the challenges he encountered as a kid during his school days. His vision was shared with his co-workers and friends with similar passion and their collaboration and determination led to the formation of Education Care Africa to meet the educational needs of children in Africa. One such country Education Care Africa has earmarked to serve is his native Liberia in West Africa. Liberia is going through transition after 14 years of civil war, and is expected to go to national elections this year, a smooth transfer of power will be the first time in seven decades. As the founder and executive director of Education Care Africa, Musa brings to this work a great worth of exemplary leadership and passion which is influenced by his personal experience.

Mr. willie got the 2016 Community Service Award from the Checago Bright Foundation; a US based charity organization for working assidiously to provide educational support to children in Liberia. Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Many who know him have always seen an emerging leader who has a vision, desire, great interpersonal skill, a team builder, an effective communicator and consensus builder, who continue to inspire others to success. In 2014, he graduated from Strayer University, PA with a degree in Criminal Justice. Mr. Willie is also a graduate of Georgetown University Leadership Academy, and holds an Advanced Certificate in Interfaith and Conflict studies from the Children of Abraham Interfaith School.

In recieving his award, the young humanitarian said, “I strongly believe I was preferred because you endorsed me through your support, prayer and constructive criticisms. Liberia is placed at the top of my heart; therefore, giving back, and building a conscious society remains my primary goal.”

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