PHOTO ESSAY: Liberia Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay’s inflated ego

Written on:January 24, 2017
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Sate of the Nation: Emmanuel Nuquay, the speaker had his own sergeant of arms on stage and the biggest chair in the building.

So today was President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s last address to the Liberian Assembly and people—But so much ado about her speech, in 12 years, and with lots of international goodwill and uninterrupted peace, she admits she has failed to reconcile the Liberian people and that she also failed to fight corruption, not because she lacked “the political will,” but because corruption is systemic, okay corruption is systemic, and the president said she didn’t lack the political will—a bit confusing. However, let’s move on a lot of people disagree. But what caught our attention was the seating on the stage. The New Liberian speaker, Emmanuel Nuquay  chair and rostrum. His seating nearly dominates the stage so that it seems even when you looked from afar it’s only about him. We compared other parliaments, assemblies, and congresses around the world and came to this conclusion that the man’s ego is enormously inflated! see below—


The Liberian speaker dominates the stage, sandwiching the president and vice president he seems larger than life soup in pomp. IF you take a closer look, the president’s rostrum is worn and has been long in used—his is brand new, but that’s besides the point he just change the seating. This is no trifling matter, observers say, the mindset that has influenced policy from the House of Representatives and Senate has bankrupt Liberia, with Assemblymen and women making up to 16, 000 united states dollars a month in the poor Western African nation. That ti signed and approve over 60 contractual agreements that were flawed according to Moore Stevens and the office of the speaker has accrue to itself a million and half dollars in a budget of about 600 million dollars.


Seen from a distance the speaker is seen behind his outsize chair and rostrum



Image result for speaker alex tylerThe new speaker did not like the old seats once sat in  by speaker Tyler, in which the chairs of the speaker and vice president are nearly equal, even though again outsize befitting the outsize egos of Liberian politicians.



Image result for state of the union address 2015State of the Union: the chairs of the Speaker and Vice President are equal and simple, nothing to prove, the vice president sits before the speaker, but in Liberia, the speaker wants to sit before the vice president. It’s common sense that when this kind of convergence occurs seating should be arranged according to constitutional prerogatives, common sense would dictate— 



Image result for nigeria president annual address to parliamentGhana’s President annual message: same no outsize chairs on stage either



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Kenya: all the chairs on this stage are identical and equal in size



Image result for nigeria president annual address to parliamentNigeria: does it matters who has the biggest chair? none infact



Image result for south africa parliamentSouth Africa: see the simple seating and chairs in the background, nobody trying to prove a point



It’s about the people’s work, not POMP AND PAGEANTRY


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