Liberia CDC begin censorship on its facebook page what to expect in a Weah-Taylor Government?

Written on:January 25, 2017
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Censorship In CDC Facebook Chatroom: Is This What To Come Under A Weah-Taylor Government?
A Thought

Mr. editor,

THE CDC is supposed to stand for Congress For Democratic Change, however, it now called Censorship for Democratic Change, as it relates to posting in the CDC Facebook chatroom. Following the worldwide backlash and rejection of George Weah’s decision to curdle with the former wife of now convicted and imprisoned war criminal Charles Taylor by Liberian social media enthusiasts, the CDC facebook chatroom is now being censored to avoid any negative but mostly truthful postings against George Weah, Jewel Taylor and CDC. In other words, CDC and its supporters, from now on, will be living in their own little bubbles, their own little world on facebook, excluded from the rest of Liberians.

Postings approved to appear in the CDC chatroom will be like preaching to the choir, a CDC choir of course. Postings that will only sing praises for CDC’s “great” leader George Weah and his vice president running mate Jewel Howard Taylor. Just like they are doing in North Korea and was done during the period of mis-rule under Charles Taylor while Jewel was by his side masquerading as first lady. Many may think the CDC facebook censorship is nothing, however, we beg to differ, since it is no “small” thing. The ruthlessness and reckless war activities of Charles Taylor and his NPFL rebels were being justified as “war” time behaviors. Then it happened. Charles Taylor was declared President. Those same abuses, such killing of innocent people, mysterious disappearances of perceived enemies of Charles Taylor and the NPFL were transferred as legitimate activities under the Taylor regime. Former NPFL rebel commanders became heads of security agencies, former NPFL rebels became security officers, together, under the cloth of authority, unleashed fear and terror among the Liberian people, that included summary executions of opposition figures, suppression of the press, fragrant abuse of human rights, and the list continues.

All this went on while Jewel Howard Taylor was by Charles Taylor’s side acting like his first lady and could happen while Jewel is by George Weah’s side acting as his vice president. Charles Taylor, once described himself, as the most “Mischievous” man in Liberia at the time while he was Jewel Howard Taylor husband. In fact, when she declared her candidacy for president, she praised Charles Taylor as a good man, and added, despites what people have accused of him. Charles Taylor, to his credit, never said that about himself. But Jewel did in 2015. For those who say crimes cannot be transferred from Charles Taylor to Jewel Taylor may be right, however, when you knowingly enjoyed the benefits of evil and criminal behaviors of another person and unable to publicly speak against such, you are aiding and abetting such criminal and evil activities. By remaining silent while enjoying the benefits of her husband behaviors, Jewel aided and abetted the commission of crimes against the Liberian people. It comes down to this question, how much did Jewel know, and when did she know it.

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The period of Charles Taylor mis-rule was described in publications after publications as a continuing “criminal enterprise” this is why the United States and other members of the UN Security Council banned from traveling some members of Charles Taylor’s family members, including his wife Jewel Taylor, along with his closest associates. The last time Jewel traveled to the US was in 2010, with Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for a women’s conference. On her own, the US embassy in Liberia has rejected visa request by Jewel multiple times. Jewel was accused of being in constant contact with her former husband during his trial. For the past 12 years, George Weah and CDC, despite the appearance of popular support among many young Liberians, CDC has not demonstrated or addressed the issue of organization, including security. This means a CDC government will bring in former Charles Taylor NPFL-NPP security officials in the government if he and Jewel win. Such dreadful institutions like “Anti-terrorist Unit, or ATU, Special Operations Division or SOD, in the police force will be resurrected and SSS, that was headed by Benjamin Yeaten.

And these will be recommendations coming from Jewel Howard Taylor. Remember Weah praised her for her experience in government. These Taylor NPFL former rebel commanders and fighters will be brought into the government by Jewel under the nomenclature as “experienced.” people. Are these scare tactics? Die heart supporters of George Weah and CDC will say so as a way to deflect criticisms. But these are facts, though may be in the past, however, continue to influence some political activities in Liberia today. CDC has threatened the Liberian press in the past, and this censorship of its chatroom is a start if elected.

—P Nimely-Sie Tuon

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