Liberia opposition says CDC Weah-Taylor ticket strong

Written on:February 6, 2017
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CDC  Standard Bearer,George Weah

The editor,

Sitting here and reminiscing on the hypocrisy of some of our statesmen in Liberia, precisely counsellor Winston Tubman. Today, he’s going all over the place castigating the CDC’s collaboration with the National Patriotic Party [NPP], indicating that the collaboration is ‘hard to sell’ simply because he wasn’t allowed to lead the ticket for the 2nd time. Notwithstanding, the very Winston Tubman is seen here in pictures with senator Weah, Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor and the very NPP folks that he’s now asserting that the ticket is ‘hard to sell’ and that they are heading in the wrong direction. So, the ticket was easy to sell when he was allowed to lead the ticket in 2011 with the same group of people supporting him right?

These are some of the problems with our African leaders, they are power greedy. Not many major political parties in Liberia will allow another statesman to lead their ticket even once, before I mention twice, but Mr. Tubman was allowed to lead the CDC once, and his greed for power now sees him wanting another shot at leading the ticket again, and when it didn’t go his way, he takes on a campaign to castigate the very people that he associated with during the 2011 election. At the time, Senator Weah, Senator Taylor and the rest of the NPP folks were not ‘hard to sell’ simply because he was the head of the ticket. Now that he’s no longer preferred to lead the ticket; they are considered bad people and ‘hard to sell’ in his eyes. By the way, the CDC-NPP collaboration is nothing new for the naysayers to be casting aspersions on it. These two political parties also formed a collaboration back in 2011 when the CDC came 2nd place and won an additional over 100,000 votes than they did in 2005. The only difference at the time is that the vice standard bearer did not come from the NPP as it is now. When this collaboration took place in 2011, we didn’t receive all the negative Media attention we are now receiving; and the reason is simple: This is a stronger ticket than the Tubman-Weah. Therefore, the rest of the politicians will use the media to fight this ticket from all angles, this ticket is stronger:

You have two grassroots political parties that formed a partnership in the past and the outcome was very positive. Over 100,000 new votes were won. The standard bearer and vice standard bearer are amongst the 5 most popular politicians in the entire republic of Liberia. Every Liberian, down to the ones in the villages that can’t speak English have heard the name Senator George Weah and Senator Jewel-Howard Taylor. And this this very huge, as politics is all about name recognition.

The CDC has added the 3rd largest county (Bong), votes wise, to their camp. This is one of the only larger county without a presidential aspirant. This is very huge! Unlike Bassa, Nimba, and Montserrado that have presidential aspirants, Bong county does not. Don’t be carry away by all these fake stories that senator Taylor is not popular in Bong when she was elected as senator of the county twice by the people of the county. To Mr. Benoni Urey you have always been our friend and you will always be our friend. Though you chose to go your separate way this time around, which is part of life, the CDC is still a place you can call home.

—–Sam Manneh is a supporter of George Weah, and the CDC

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