Liberian deplores xenophobic attacks in South Africa

Written on:February 26, 2017
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An African immigrant is brunt alive in South Africa in 2015

The Editor

My Thought on the Recent South Africans’ Brutalities/Murders of Fellow Africans

I just watched a very recent FB video clip today showing South Africans plugging knives into the already half dead body of a fellow African man lying in a pool of his blood on the floor. I wanted but refused to forward the video clip for the purpose of educating/informing others of our own backwardness but relented finally because I can’t be too sure of how others might in turn react on other South Africans in their own countries. But it is so painful to watch and backward to see Africans being so brutal to their fellow Africans because of competition for jobs.

I have always believed and sometimes asserted openly that the overwhelming majority of South Africans are basically illiterate or very poorly educated, not simply because they rejected English as the language used in the schools/education but mainly because they settled for their various individual vernaculars to be used for texts in their schools. The harsh fact is that our various vernaculars are profoundly limited in scope and depth in speaking to or describing the current realities of life. As a result, it is difficult for South Africans to read, learn or remember that it is us, the rest of the Africans in various African countries, who stood by them, fought for and with them, took them in our homes and countries and individually made financial contribution to the South African freedom struggle and for many decades.

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A baby cries and soaked in blood from xenophobic attacks from the hands Black South Africans in 2015

I personally remember as kid in elementary school putting my last pennies in the collection plates passed around in the classrooms in the 70’s as contribution to support the protests, resistance and other activities for fighters like Steve Biko. Why, South Africans, why? Why? Why kill our own fellow African brothers and sisters for xenophobia? Why? Why? Why? I feel so betrayed!

—Benjamin Art

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