Liberia’s Leading daily Frontpageafrica warns Mills Jones to behave

Written on:April 2, 2017
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Liberian leading daily and news portal, Front Page Africa in an editorial has warned the Movement for Economic Empowerment [MOVEE] and its standard bearer Joseph Mills Jones to respect himself and abide by the recent ruling of the Supreme Court of Liberia. The Code of Conduct has sparked heated debate in the Liberian society.  Many legal scholars has referred to the code as an unconstitutional law that emanated from the executive, which Jones has said he and his party will resist. He spoke in hotly worded speech few days ago. The law excluded certain positions in the Executive Branch,  while the legislature excluded itself altogether. In with a dissenting opinion, Hon. Justice Philip Banks wrote that article 90, which birthed the Code said the legal instrument meant all officials of govt, elected or appointed but that his majority colleagues ignored the provision. The FPA wrote,  “Jones needs to do so [this in] a very civil manner for the Liberian adages goes, “If you by-pass your respect, you’ll meet your disgrace.” It did not say what would be the disgrace [–link]

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