Liberia Broadcasting System Management Beware

Written on:April 4, 2017
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Rennie LBS Director


On October 10, 1980, following the military coup in Liberia, the People’s Redemption Council (PRC) passed Decree #20, thus establishing the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) as an autonomous public broadcasting agency.

The establishment of LBS follows the repeal of Chapter 87 of Liberia’s Public Authority Law that earlier created the Liberia Broadcasting Corporation (ELBC) in 1971 as a public corporation. The LBS has the following Objectives:

1• To inform, educate, entertain and communicate national policies and programs, and engage in public and civic services;
2• To raise LBS professional and operational standards;
3• To enable LBS deliver quality multi-media products and services to the Liberian populace, and to the world at large;
4• To enhance Liberia’s socio-economic and political growth, and development through the services we provide.

But disappointingly the current management of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) has grossly abandoned the primary objectives of the public broadcasting network, and now engaged in promoting the agenda of a single presidential candidate, Joseph N Boakai at the detriment of other Liberians.

The Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), as a public broadcaster wherein every Liberian is a shareholder, must provide equal opportunity for all Liberians including those contesting for public offices (presidential and legislative aspirants) to broadcast their agenda in order for the electorates to clearly understanding the plans of every candidate thus enable them to make a free and fair decision at the poll come October 2017.

We believe the action of the LBS management to only promote the Unity Party Standard bearer Joseph N. Boakai for whatever reason, whether to protect their job at the disadvantage of other candidates, is equivalent to an abuse of public office and the misapplication of taxpayer money.

The LBS management must stop such ugly act which has the propensity to undermine our nascent democracy and create bitterness in the minds of those being unfairly treated by the only public broadcasting network. Those managing the LBS including Patrick Honnah, Christopher Sellee and the rest should understanding fact that the corporate media is different in many ways from the public media.

—Lincoln Bryant

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