Liberia: Taylor & Kromah War Crimes Against Humanity April 6 1996

Written on:April 7, 2017
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War lord and former president Charles Taylor

On April 6, 1996, Monrovia residents Easter festivities were disrupted when Charles Taylor and his new buddy in crimes Alhaji Kromah unleashed their gangs of rebels throughout the streets and neighborhoods of Monrovia with orders to kill, rape, torture, steal terrify and commit other acts of violence. The late Catholic Archbishop Michael Francis, who almost got killed when John T. Richardson led a group of NPFL rebels to his house, described the April 6, 1996 incident as the rebels paying themselves through killing and looting around Monrovia.

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War lord Kromah of ULIMO

The April 6, 1996 Monrovia bloodbath is listed as one of the acts of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Liberian senseless violence that killed over 250,000 and claimed nearly 500,000 living victims. Monrovia at the time was a UN safe haven zone, meaning violence of all kinds were prohibited. Taylor and Kromah, masquerading as members of some council of state were allowed into Monrovia based on a peace agreement, but brought with them their blood-thirst drugged hungry gangs of rebels.

At the end of nearly a week of ruthless violence under the pretext of arresting another warlord Roosevelt Johnson, over 1500 Monrovia residents were murdered in cold blood with thousands more injured and millions of dollars properties destroyed based on the orders of Charles Taylor and Alhaji Kromah. Today Alhaji Kromah, his rebel commanders, in addition to NPFL rebel commanders like John T. Richardson, Roland Duo and others are roaming about freely in Monrovia under the full protection of the Sirleaf-Boakai regime while their living victims watch them helplessly.

Even though Charles Taylor is imprisoned for other war crimes committed in Sierra Leone, the lack of accountability for war crimes committed in Liberia continues to embolden Charles Taylor top lieutenants with one of Taylor henchmen Cyril Allen saying nothing wrong with resurrecting the Charles Taylor regime of reign of terror. Today Taylor himself has emerged as the mentor to presidential candidate George Weah who selected Taylor’s former wife Jewel Howard as his running mate. George Weah recently boasted on national radio that he spoke with Charles Taylor from his Durham, England Prison cell.

Where were you on April 6, 1996? For me, in respond to this deliberate bloodshed I was preparing and leading an effort for one of the largest Liberian anti-war rallies that brought over 12,000 Liberians to Washington, DC on April 26, 1996. And since them have remained committed against anti-war/violent activities.

—-P Nimely-Sie Tuon

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