Liberia Laws Barred George Weah A U.S. Citizen From Presidency

Written on:April 12, 2017
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The Daily Observer received an anonymous tip with an attached biodata page of a US passport allegedly belonging to Sen. Weah.  The alleged passport displays an issuance date on May 3, 2013 and an expiration date of May 2, 2023. However, his office spokesperson, who responded angrily via mobile phone last night, while refusing to state his name, told this newspaper that reports about Senator Weah holding a U.S. passport was no longer news to the public.

“This thing has nothing to do with the public, my friend,” the spokesperson replied furiously before hanging up the phone. With 19 political parties and candidates – according to the National Elections Commission (NEC), in a country of 4.6 million people, Liberia is confronted with an electioneering calamity since many of those especially aspiring for the presidency are under threat of being declared ineligible for a number of reasons including apparent failure to meet code of conduct compliance or alleged constitutional violation.

This is Weah’s is vying for the presidency on the ticket of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).This is his second bid for the presidency. The first time he ran for president was in 2005. He ran as vice standard bearer in the 2011 elections to Cllr. Winston Tubman under the ticket of the Congress for Democratic Change. “Holding a US passport means Weah has given up his Liberian citizenship, and therefore, he cannot contest for office in a Liberian election under the country’s Constitution and election laws. Doing so would be in violation of the Aliens and Nationality Law, which stipulates, that any Liberian who naturalizes or fights for a foreign army loses his or her citizenship,” an informed source said.

Although the puzzle of when he acquired his U.S. citizenship looms, his American passport was however issued in 2013, before he ran for the Senate in 2014, which made him ineligible to run for public office in Liberia.Senator Weah’s U.S. citizenship is “no longer secret,” according to the CDC spokesman, but it brings home the fact that he lied to the NEC, his party and the Liberian people by impersonating as a Liberian citizen and unlawfully ran for public office; participating in politics; meddling into the country’s politics as a leader of a political party and attempting to contest for president in October 2017.

It may be recalled that Madam Elizabeth Russell, former president of Tubman University, Maryland County told the Senate at her confirmation hearing for the post of Minister of Education in 2016 that she held a U.S. citizenship.  Her honesty on the matter resulted in her nomination being unanimously rejected by the Senate.

Meanwhile, efforts, including phone calls and text messages to Cllr. Korkoya to respond yesterday proved futile as his phone was off till press time. source/

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