Liberian Refugees in Ghana to be Relocated from Buduburam

Written on:November 13, 2008
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Liberian refugees in Ghana

By Joseph N.N. Swen, Buduburam/Accra Bureau

Non-repatriating Liberian refugees in Ghana are to be relocated into sub-groupings in various parts of Ghana to effect the official closure of the Buduburam Refugee Settlement, ensuring that the Settlement returns to its pre-refugee status of a Ghanaian Community, a place which has been the Refugees’ home since 1990 due to the 14 years of brutal civil unrest in Liberia


This was made known by Dr. Kwame Addo-Kufuor, Ghana’s Interior Minister when he chaired a tripartite committee meeting held on the 31st of October, 2008 with Ambulai Johnson, Liberia’s Interior Minister and Madam Aida Haila Mariam, High Commissioner of UNHCR-Ghana in attendance.


This is a Committee charged with the responsibility of spearheading the voluntary repatriation process of Liberian Refugees which began in April 2008 and  will run up to the end of March, next year.


 Dr. Addo-Kufour said the relocation exercise will come into effect in March, 2009, but a general verification process will be held come January, 2009 for those Liberians who do not desire returning back to their home Country. The pronouncement also indicated that those to be relocated would be granted the status in accordance with the Ghanaian and the Sub-regional standard of an African Refugee.


On the part of the Liberian government, the Liberian Interior Minister said the Government of Liberia is innovating numerous and favorable opportunities to receive its citizens and to enable them be easily adjusted in the Country, irrespective of the challenges the Country is faced with.


The Government is also pleased that the Committee has seriously expressed concern and consideration of creating avenues that would enable returning Liberians take back home most of their possessions as against the handful of possession they are forced to return with presently.


Consequently, such news has unsettled the already mixed sentimental residents and has become the topic of discussion at almost every gathering in and around the Settlement among Liberians.


However, most of those disturbed by such topical news are those yet to decide as to whether they are returning and have started expressing their strongest emotion against such process.


Some said though they have not  been told  the areas to which they would be relocated, they   might be going to start from scratch… such as returning to sleeping in tents as it was during the inception of Buduburam before building their own houses.


 What will happen to those in the various schools in and outside the Settlement and what will happen if one decides to remain here at the Settlement are questions some residents are also concerned with.


Though the UNHCR-Ghana is yet to officially comment on those concerns after the Tripartite Committee Meeting, it reported that up to 8,000 Liberian Refugees have returned since April 2008 as a result of the five week peaceful demonstration organized by a group of Liberian Refugee Women, calling themselves, Liberian Refugee Women for Refugee Concern… during which time they demonstrated for an improvement in the

voluntary repatriation process package or a resettlement to a third country of asylum on the 15th of February to 20th, 2008.






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  1. nagela says:

    i just want Ghana to know that war is not only for Liberia alone, if you sees your friend been taking to jail, do not make fun out of him, because one day its shall be you as well ok. Mr amoako, stop acting like a Liberian ok because you are not a Liberia but an opportunism, who is a beggar or a honey seeker

  2. Mr. Amoako: are you a Ghanian if so you should be a christian. Do not allow your good to turn to bad by looking into the belly of very ones you once fed with bread. Bread of which was passed on to you by God.

  3. Remember Mr. Amoako; cassava leaf is not only for Goats alone. Stop addressing the children of God like that only because they were giving bread by you. Do you know who provided the bread

  4. Godwin Akwasi -Amoako says:

    i believe that Ghanaian have done well for hosting Liberian refugees for over twenty years. Government of GH has its own problems to take care of let alone refugees.they must leave the country as they were brought.those who would wish to stay should have the requisite document as strangers in the country and not citizens.after all Liberia is their home.there is no way a dry wood in the middle of a river can become crocodile.

  5. Abdul says:

    When all is done and gone
    Nothing will be left but shame,
    When the annals are unfolded
    Then regret,shame and disgust will shy

    They turned their brothers from home
    In destitution and paim they live
    In lands strange to them all
    In oceans unfamiliar they tread

    Rejected, despised like apes
    All weak, feeble and dull
    Suvived on frugal scrubs and fluid,
    They wait for the mighty hand,

    That will keep the soul
    And keep the weak body to rest.

    After all is done and gone
    You will be the looser though
    Won empires or tone to bits
    Souls above will leer and sneer
    After all is done and gone
    History holds’s nothing for you.