About Us is a non-profit human-rights news site incorporated in Minnesota,United States of America. Founded by Liberian journalist-in-exile and World Press Institute fellow Semantics King Jr and alternative newsweekly reporter Dave Maass, the site is a spin-off of The Vision, a newspaper originally serving the Buduburam refugee camp in Ghana. In 2009, signed a partnership with The Niapele Project, a US-based non-governmental organization that empowers vulnerable children through the development of community-based initiatives in Liberia.

Through reporting and analysis, challenges and serves as a resource for Liberia’s human rights,health care,exile and political communities in its efforts to rebuild the broken pieces in the country’s Recovery Agenda. does this in part by analyzing in depth the human rights situation in Liberia and Africa and where African exiles  reside, and report on the effects rights violations can have on the people. identifies the health care problems in Liberia and parts of Africa and among Liberians and African Diasporans, and urge governments and responsible agencies to make improvements where necessary. disseminates news and analysis in formats tailored to the individual needs of the wide variety of individuals involved in or concerned about the social political improvements of  society. seeks out and amplifies the voices of Liberians in particular and Africans in general and others who have critical human rights, health care,exile and political insight but rarely get heard.  is an editorially independent news magazine published by the Community Renewal Society(CRS).It (CRS) will work to create ethnically and politically just communities in Liberia and parts of Africa.

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  1. MUNAH JUWLE says:

    We as Liberian needs to work hard to make our country a better place.
    Let us pray for God intervention to give us a good leader…

  2. God almighty has come to empower our leadership.

  3. Grazyna says:

    In act no matter if someone doesn’t understand after that iits up to other users that they will help, so here it takes place.

  4. Hugh Pepper says:

    At the same time as the government is appealing to the rest of the world for assistance, they are censoring journalists who can provide supportive information regarding the urgent needs. This makes no sense at all.

  5. Robert says:

    we are looking for a bilingual person in Sarpo and English language person to help us do an interpretation session tomorrow. please contact me asap at 612-363-8000

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