Precisely how To be able to Produce a Time-Course Online video With Your current Electronic Online video Camera

Getting the most out of your electronic video clip digital camera can suggest currently being able to create some truly amazing things. You just have to phase outdoors the handbook a bit and discover the cool factors you can do with your electronic online video digicam and your enhancing software program.

We have all observed them in a film or a Television present, those quite awesome photographs the place they speed up time and capture a extended segment of time and condense it into a quite brief volume of online video. An illustration is many of the Television information stations presently have a digicam that captures the day’s temperature and then they process it down to a 20 next clip to show the clouds and climate racing by on monitor.

Well this method is not just a tool in the arms of the motion picture makers or the big Television set stations. You can do this with your digital online video camera equipment way too. I will go into two approaches that you can accomplish this effect and get some cool final results for your up coming video clip undertaking. This a single is worth enjoying all around with in buy to uncover the appropriate options to get the most spectacular result.

Method number one is to use the digital camera itself to do the time lapse recording for you. Practically all electronic online video cameras have the capability to do an interval recording. What this implies in a nutshell is that you notify the digital camera how prolonged you want to document for and how prolonged in among recordings and it will go on autopilot for you for as long as the battery lasts or the tape operates out. This is what those cameras at the comfort shop do, they file a couple of seconds of motion each and every thirty-60 seconds giving the overall check out of the targeted traffic in the store over time.

Now if you want to seize some time lapse in your digital video clip digital camera you will want to get into your cameras menu and uncover Interval Recording (or in my case Int Rec, as I use a Sony PD one hundred fifty for my digital camera) When you decide on this choice you will make a decision how lengthy of an interval between photographs you want and how lengthy to record each and every time. If you are striving to seize anything that requires a prolonged time to arise and in which not considerably takes place quickly you will want to established the interval at all around a moment and the file time as limited as feasible on your digicam. An illustration would be if you wanted to document a day in the daily life of a flower or the clouds rolling by in the sky. Suppose however that you want to seize an celebration that has lots of motion and takes place over a a lot shorter time body. Then you would want to shorten the interval among recordings and improve the time of every single recording. So in this scenario you might document each and every fifteen-30 seconds and report up to 2-three seconds of online video every single time.

I used this strategy to seize an afternoon of perform being carried out by a staff of carpenters on my home remodeling task. The outcome was a flurry of exercise as employees raced hither and yon nailing boards, carrying products and developing partitions. I have added it to my photo assortment of the undertaking. (Hey I had to live via the task so I may well as well have a fantastic file of it for posterity!)

Now suppose you have one particular of the wonderful software video editing offers on your laptop to function with your electronic movie digicam. Now you can do it in put up as they say in the company. Time lapse film can file any size of movie you want (topic to the constraints of your tape length) and then import it into your enhancing plan.


I use Adobe Premiere Pro for my enhancing employment, but I have also utilized Avid DV Categorical, Last Lower Professional, and other folks in the non linear editing entire world. These are all fantastic programs and are very potent items that can develop some really specialist looking video clips. You don’t have to have these items to create your possess films but if you are serious about electronic movie enhancing it may well be a very good concept to take a seem at these choices.

I digitize my raw video of the scene I am performing time lapse on into my computer (large hard drive, video clip eats up GB’s of space) and then import the clip into my time line. From the timeline you can then choose the clip with a proper click. From there you will be given a menu with possibilities based on the software you use. Decide on the selection that suggests “length”, “pace” or some thing comparable. Modify the speed of the clip so that time will speed up significantly. If you have an hour of online video in the clip and want to shorten it to 2 -five minutes then you want to improve the pace of the clip to 3 or 4 thousand % of standard. This will call for your application to render the clip at the higher velocity and could just take some time leading process depending on the pace of your personal computer.

Once you have rendered the online video clip at the new pace you will want to enjoy it to see if the film flows evenly or if you will want to readjust the velocity setting to make it better. At times you might want to shorten your raw video clip and adjust the speed down considerably in get to get a clean stream of action. After you have rendered the clip at the new speed you can now lower and splice it as you see in shape with the speeded up motion intact. There are some issues you will document that may well only require a slight pace change, consider for instance some digital movie of your youngsters actively playing athletics. Double or triple the speed of the clip and demonstrate it to them and you may possibly have them rolling on the flooring.

You can also use these techniques to seize the development of a flower or plant in excess of the system of times or weeks. Basically established you digital camera in precisely the very same place at the same time each day and report an interval that operates every day fro however long you want to document. May be you get the seedling just breaking soil and follow it all the way through turning into a complete grown plant.

Another exciting notion is to capture the route of the moon across the night time sky. Established up your camera on a tripod in a place that can see the path of the moon for many hrs. Established the camera to interval record and place the moon on a single aspect of the frame so that it will go throughout the frame as the night time passes. This one may possibly demand some tests in get to get the publicity and framing right as properly as the correct interval to document at. Most very likely you would want to established the interval as lengthy as you can and the file time as quick as you can but do a test operate 1st to see what functions.

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