Recommendations about operation and care of a running gear

Many companies pay insufficient attention to maintenance of own equipment. The weak stiffness of caterpillars of the excavator (because of it bearings, pins and gear wheels begin to wear out strenuously) can be signs of it, existence of asterisks with the broken-away or broken off, the lack of bolts or poor quality of their fastening (are poorly tightened). Caterpillar spare parts for sale: click here.

At pollution of their caterpillars it is regularly necessary to clean: in off-season – from slush and clay, and in winter time – from snow and frost. Dirty caterpillars can lead to jamming of skating rinks that as a result will end with the increased wear of elements, dependent on them. Regularly you clean caterpillars upon completion of works.

Drivers quite often don’t consider that long driving is in the opposite direction capable to damage not only caterpillars, but also a running gear. It is necessary to remember that the excavator when driving is obliged to move to big distances in the usual direction. Besides, it is impossible to forget that it is necessary to carry out dredging when the arrow is directed to a tension wheel, but not to the leading asterisk. Such approach will allow to reduce wear of details too.

Experts advise to use caterpillar boots of the minimum width to reach the necessary level of passability: if on the equipment to put wider caterpillar boots, than it is necessary for work execution, then the wear of caterpillars will strongly accelerate. Certainly, caterpillars of big width are irreplaceable during the work on soft soil, nevertheless, if in the territory of many stones and hummocks, it is worth choosing caterpillars narrower. Besides, caterpillar boots of big width strengthen wear of a running gear as increase load of her knots.

Now we will consider a problem of level of a tension of a caterpillar tape. He should be rechecked every day, and he is obliged to correspond to service conditions of the excavator equipment. When working on soft soil it is necessary to reduce a tension, and when driving on stones and a rigid surface, on the contrary, to raise. In process it is necessary to be guided by the characteristics of sagging of caterpillars noted in the maintenance instruction enclosed by the manufacturer of special equipment.

Rules of care of a running gear

Most of manufacturers of special equipment agree that the sequence of performance of maintenance of a running gear almost doesn’t differ for the excavator equipment of the different sizes. Servicing is carried out quickly enough and cheap manages. This procedure consists in testing of operability of details, knots and their states. The excavators released for the last decade, most often, don’t demand oil replacement as it is normal of his reserve and a resource of sealing glands enough for the settlement term of operation of a concrete detail.

But the condition of the following elements needs to be checked constantly:

  • Asterisks
  • The Oportny and supporting skating rinks
  • Chains
  • Boots
  • Tension mechanism

Normal all elements of a running gear of the excavator wear out almost equally. In case one of working knots has damages, or shows stronger wear, then all elements, dependent on him, will be exposed to more intensive wear too. We will consider this situation on the example of the broken lower basic skating rink. At movement of the equipment the caterpillar chain will pass through this element entirely that will lead to attrition of her surface. Also the external surface of a caterpillar is exposed to wear, and it leads to increase in friction which leads to wear of the supporting skating rinks, tension wheels and other elements. As a result malfunction of the only skating rink is capable to break functioning of system in general.

Regular servicing includes everyday checks of a condition of the excavator upon completion of works. Clean the supporting skating rinks, but also, places about asterisks and idlers. Similar cleaning allows to remove in time dirt which would dry in a night and has provoked jamming of details at turning on of the equipment in the morning. In addition it allows to study a condition of important knots.& of nbsp; Then it is necessary to make visual survey. In particular the level of a tension of a caterpillar is important. By rules they are obliged slightly, slightly to sag. In case of excessive stiffness of a caterpillar chain the probability of the strengthened wear of all knots and elements is high. However at an insufficient tension can happen soskakivany caterpillars at turn or movement to stones, hollows and hummocks on the ground.

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