Fake Custom Broker Arrested In Liberia

Written on:February 17, 2017
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Liberian diplomat Moses Gray

Mr. Moses Gray

(Monrovia, 12 February 2017):  A fake custom broker, Edwin V. Barclay, a resident of Barnersville Road who identifies himself as a Member of the Custom Brokers Association of Liberia was arrested by two officers of Liberia National Police on Wednesday morning at about 8:45 on Gurley Street adjacent the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, following a criminal complaints against him. Barclay who is in his late 40s, and stands at about Five Feet tall has been on the run since November 2016. He was arraigned in court at the Temple of Justice on Monday, February 13 to answer to several charges including theft.   

Barclay’s arrests followed a criminal complaints filed against him at Liberia National Police [LNP]  on 2nd  December 2016 by the Chief Executive Officer of the NEW VISION Media Publishing Network, Josephus M. Gray.  Edwin V. Barclay duped Mr. Gray of US$800.00. The amount was a part payment intended to clear the victim’s vehicle from the Freeport of Monrovia. Barclay also absconded with the official Bill of landing of the 2003 Citroen C-5 vehicle purchased and imported from Paris, France for use of the Management of NEW VISION Media Publishing Network in Monrovia. The French well-built vehicle is at valued 49,000 Euros (US$55,000). Besides the money and vehicle document, Barclay also took away the photo copy of his victim’s passport, driver license and two passport size photos; which Gray said worried him a lot on grounds that Barclay could use these vital identities for unknown acts which he said might incriminate him and ruin his hard earned admired reputation . He is asking the public to be on the alert for the perpetrator.

The NEW VISION Media Publishing Network has lauded Liberia National Police under the leadership of Police Commissioner Gregory Coleman for the arrest of Barclay. Gray also extolled the Vice President of the Custom Brokers Association of Liberia, Mr. Harry Toe Kleche for  the professionalism exhibited in the process of finally clearing his vehicle from the Freeport of Monrovia. The custom brokers in the country are legitimately licensed by Custom Brokers Association of Liberia and do function in straight adherence to the association’s rules and laws of Liberia. The custom brokers, among others inspect paperwork provided by importers and to clear merchandise for delivery to importers and vendors.


The release said, Edwin V. Barclay circumvented the legal customs process by forging an official document of Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Individual Registration Form.


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